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We actually want to lend to small business

We deliver true small business financing solutions using our technology,
which focuses on the health of your business – not just your personal credit score.

Our business loan is a simple financing solution that can get you the working capital you want for your business. With high approvals and funding in days, our loan is perfect for owners who are looking for funding fast.

Instead of monthly payments, the business loan has a fixed, daily repayment schedule allowing you better manage your cash flow and budget more effectively.

Is your business seasonal? No problem

What We Offer

Term Loans

Unlike a bank our business loan offers easy paperwork, no collateral, all credit histories are considered and you can have the money in your account in just days, not months or years.

Get your business anywhere from $5,000 to $2,000,000.

Lines of Credit

Effectively manage your business’ cash flow with a line of credit up to $2,000,000
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Typical Uses Include

Purchasing Inventory
Purchasing Equipment
Bridging Receivable Gaps
Hiring Employees
Remodeling and Renovation
Handling Unexpected Expenses
Launching Marketing Campaigns
Opening New Location
Managing Cash Flow