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Simple Lending

Business Term Loans


Lowest annual interest rate (AIR)*

3-36 month terms

Short and long term payback

One-time origination fee

2.5-4% of loan amount

Grow and invest in your business.

Fund projects and purchases that drive your business forward.

You could

Purchase and profit from a bulk inventory deal
Invest in your online presence
Finally open that new location you've been eyeing


1-347-249-9277 24 hrs a day

You can receive a decision in minutes and funding in as fast as 1 business day,
Program Features Include:
No credit report required
No reporting to credit agencies
Unsecured cash advance – no collateral required
No personal guarantee required
No application or late fees

Our Finance firm is here to help you and your business. For any Financing needs you might need. We deliver true small business loans, which focuses on the health of your business – not your personal credit score, we understand the importance of obtaining a small business loan or an unsecured business cash advance quickly and efficiently. We are committed to ensuring that the funding process will be as simple and as risk-free as possible. We can assist you in acquiring the unsecured cash that will help leverage your small business expansion.

Good Karma funding, Cash Advance Loans, Merchant Cash Advances 

​We are faster than a bank and better than a merchant Cash Advance Loans

Lines Of Credit


Lowest annual percentage rate (APR)*

Flexible revolving lines

Only pay interest on what you draw

Monthly maintenance fee

$20/month, waived with $5,000 initial draw*

Keep your business running smoothly.

Manage your working capital needs, both planned and unplanned.

You could

Take advantage of purchase opportunities
Be ready for unexpected opportunities or costs
Fund purchases you can't put on your credit card